Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Type A fun is what most people consider fun while doing the action (Playing a game, riding a roller coaster, water skiing, etc)".

"Type B fun is something which is not fun while you are doing it, but is fun when you look back on it". An example of this is running 50-100 miles on trails in one shot".

This type of fun usually is generated in a bar, or sitting around talking about glory days. Inevitably someone says "I have a great idea. We should.......

The Type B 100K will take place in Minnesota in 2011. We chose Minnesota after much debate, but we hear there are good trails there.

This is an elite race. It is so elite, one can not even register for it. The race director doesn't even know he/she is the race director, but the runners have already voted. Registration is already closed, and only 6 runners have comitted.

Anybody interested can post a reason on this blog as to why they should be allowed to participate in such an elite event.

The location is in the approval stage.
The time and date is also awaiting approval.
If approval is gained, one of the conditions is for the race to ramain secret.

Results will be posted within a week of the race being finished.